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Explaining TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Boxes

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Zero Waste Boxes

Through investing in companies that sell goods to consumers, and helping them expand their reach and penetrate new markets in the process, JH Partners is able to develop increased brand awareness by employing multichannel marketing strategies. One of the brands in which JH Partners has invested is TerraCycle, a developer of recycling systems with a focus on products that were previously considered non-recyclable.

One of TerraCycle’s most innovative platforms is its Zero Waste Boxes, which allow for the recycling of almost any waste products. Users can choose their intended waste stream from several clearly defined options (including specific waste products such as batteries or corks, or waste collected from a certain room), and the company will send them the appropriate Zero Waste Box to put it in.

Once the box is filled, it is posted back to TerraCycle, with the cost of postage being included in the package. TerraCycle will then sort through the waste and repurpose as much as possible so that it doesn’t end up in a landfill. Zero Waste Boxes are best used for the collection of waste that cannot be recycled through traditional means.

Bare Escentuals – The Global Face of Beauty

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JH Partners, a private equity firm based in San Francisco, leverages extensive staff experience and a wide-ranging network to support some of the world’s best-known companies. The firm has earned a stellar reputation for its ability to help companies create and expand strong brands and foster loyalty among their customers. JH Partners invests in some of the finest makers of personal care products, including Bare Escentuals.

Bare Escentuals is a thriving company that sells products through multiple channels, including in-person sales in stores, online, and TV direct-response programs. It creates and markets a variety of makeup and skin care products that use natural substances, with one of the most popular choices being the signature bareMinerals line.

The company recently relocated its headquarters from San Francisco to New York, but it continues to operate out of branded stores nationwide and in countries all over the world. A featured brand on the QVC shopping channel, Bare Escentuals recently opened new stores in cities in California, Massachusetts, Texas, and Minnesota.

bareMinerals creator Leslie Blodgett is the long-time CEO of Bare Escentuals.