The Rise of Specialty Stores

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JH Partners

A leading investment firm based in San Francisco, JH Partners not only offers capital but also a wealth of experience and expertise in the consumer industry. Among the areas that it provides support to business partners is in retail and merchandising. JD Partners can implement various retail and merchandising approaches, including department stores, stand-alone retail stores, and speciality stores.

According to retail management tech company Vend, speciality stores will more bountiful than department stores in 2017. This is due to customers, particularly the much-desired millennial shoppers, favoring localized items and carefully thought-out options. It is the specialty stores that are more inclined to stock their types of of merchandise. These kinds of stores are also looked upon as more in fashion than the department stores that seem to have the old-school tag.

The in-store experience at at specialty shops also tends to be better than department stores, with more knowledgable staff, appealing prices, and more personalized service. This adds up to a better direct relationship with customers, adding to the allure of speciality stores.