Useful Tips for Conversion Optimization

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JH Partners

Based in Jackson Square, San Francisco, JH Partners is helmed by an executive team that brings a great deal of retail experience to its investment efforts. JH Partners employs a multi-channel marketing strategy that helps the brands it invests in reach larger audiences through direct mail, television infomercials, and online marketing.

One of the firm’s key offerings is conversion optimization, which focuses on turning website visitors into customers. Here are some useful tips for conversion optimization.

1. Any custom campaigns created for specific products should include their own landing pages, which can be used in pay-per-click advertising. The content for the landing page should be created first, with the design of the landing page customized to suit the message of the campaign.

2. Consider using multiple-step forms, in which the forms are broken into smaller steps that are easier to digest. Test them against standard longer forms to see which work best for your brand.

3. Use analysis tools, such as Google Analytics, to observe visitor behavior. Examine the elements of different pages that receive the most attention and make the necessary adjustments based on the information. For example, you may find that the content on a conversion page is actually distracting away from the form itself, meaning it needs to be rewritten to direct attention toward the form.