Benefits of Catalog Marketing

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JH Partners

JH Partners serves as a forerunning investor in the sales and marketing industry and works with a wide spectrum of global consumer brands with a focus on building capital and facilitating product innovation. Headquartered in San Francisco, JH Partners also helps businesses grow and extend their sales channels. Such sales channels include catalog marketing, which offers a number of benefits, including:

1. Expanding customer geography. Catalogs can reach customers inside and outside of a company’s community, expanding the customer base. Moreover, the location of manufacturing facilities and distribution warehouses will not impede or limit customer growth.

2. Retaining customers. Customers with even a slight interest in a catalog they receive may decide to keep it for future use, increasing the chances of its exposure to the customer’s family and friends. The onetime expense of creating the catalog results in building a link between consumer and company.

3. Boosting potential for online purchases. Sending print catalogs can encourage consumers to visit the company’s website and make online transactions, helping build a reliable customer base. Furthermore, consumers who order from print catalogs will likely become frequent online buyers.

4. Offering versatility. Catalog marketing is a viable strategy for a wide variety of industries and consumer markets, from health and beauty to clothing and household goods. Catalog marketing also works well in the business-to-business sector, which enables distributors to market to schools, retailers, and offices.