Benefits and Strategies of Infomercials in Brand Marketing

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JH Partners

Private equity firm JH Partners has extensive experience in investing in and promoting consumer brands. Utilizing its industry-specific techniques and a multi-channel marketing strategy, which includes the use of infomercials, JH Partners helps brands reach new markets and grow their businesses.

Infomercials are an important tool in marketing a brand’s products and growing a brand’s following. Due to having a comparatively low cost to produce as well as an ability to target local markets, infomercials offer brands a unique opportunity to test the market and fine-tune their message. If successfully used as part of a multi-channel marketing strategy, infomercials can lead to major retailers stocking a brand’s products, which is where the most money can be made.

Several techniques may be used in the creation of a successful infomercial. Often, a story is presented which describes a problem, and then demonstrates how the brand’s product can solve it. This can be done using rhetorical questions that begin with, “Have you ever…?” An important aspect to providing the solution is showing the product in action and revealing the results. Testimonials from people who have used the product before also add to the narrative, giving a sense of the product’s usefulness in real-life. Comparing the product with other products that do not work as well also adds value.

Moreover, infomercials create a sense of urgency by suggesting that there are limited supplies available, or by giving a time limit for a special offer. The discounts themselves are also an incentive for consumers to buy now, rather than wait and pay full retail price. Lastly, offering a money-back guarantee shows confidence in the product, and mitigates the perceived risk in making the purchase.